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A piece of Newgrounds history. Amazing how such humble beginnings eventually became so epic and inspired countless other works from so many people.

Also, for anyone wondering where the music is, somehow it gets lost in mp4 format. Just click "swf" format under the author information on the left side of the screen and it's still there.

Indeed worth the wait!

Review: Graphics: 10/10. You're often compared to Krinkels, but I have to say that when it comes to visuals, you're the superior artist. Colorful scenery, exciting battle effects, and the best combat animation I've ever seen in any flash. It's astounding how you keep surpassing yourself with each new installment of the series.

Audio: 10/10. Excellent quality, exciting and suspenseful. The rapid beat goes along perfectly with the insanely fast fighting. Rajunen should be proud---if he put his stuff on the Audio Portal, I'm sure it'd be at the top.

Combat: 10/10. Shit, that was fast! I thought that the final lightsaber battle of BK3 was fast, but BK4 matched its speed in its SLOWEST moments and ridiculously surpassed it over and over again. The fighting style was indeed very ninja-y, with countless hidden weapons and assailants attacking from the shadows. The best fighting I've ever seen. I loved the Super Saiyan sorta deal that Snowball had at the end, too. :-D

Overall presentation: 10/10. It's hard to believe that the series could get better after BK3, but shit, this one kicks its ass. Even if the BK movies are one-shots when it comes to continuity, the addition of a female fighter certainly makes things more interesting, and one wonders if this will be her last appearance.

Ways to improve: There's nothing that this flash lacks that I can think of. The only thing I can suggest is that the next installment not take as long as this one did...but honestly, if BK5 is as awesome and lengthy (I was amazed that the excellence kept going for so long!) as this episode, take all the time you need. It'll be worth the wait.

I have to admit, it was better than I expected!

Graphics: 8/10. A little dark and blurry at times, but you did the best you could with size limitations, so it's fine. Surprised you could get five+ minutes of video into 19 megs with quality this good. The intro was nice, too...seemed like a "real" movie/television program intro scene, heh.

Audio: 8/10. Voices were a little hard to understand at times, but nothing drastic. The narration did a good job of being somber and serious...until the anal fissure cream massacre was brought up. XD

Acting: 10/10. Perfectly fit into the faux-serious storyline, with the distraught and weary detective, and the gunfight was awesomely hilarious. As was the celebration over tostitos.

Humor: 10/10. Totally started out as a serious cop story, with everything deadly serious, until the mention of anal fissures cream. One wonders why the entire family had them, Mister Detective. XD The gunfight was the highlight of the movie, with the bangs and bams being absolutely hilarious, as was their aggravated interruption. Well done.

Overall presentation: 10/10. I've never been a fan of live action stuff on Newgrounds, but this was an exception. You managed to cram a lot of goodness into 19 megs without sacrificing much video or audio quality, along with a humorous story that was fun to watch. Good job.

Ways to improve: I can't really think of much, since this flash appears to have been filesize optimized well and the storyline was perfect as it was. Perhaps, as others have mentioned, the lighting could have been a bit better, since dark scenes coupled with the slight distortion of filesize cramming can make viewing difficult at times.

Fro responds:

Thanks I'm happy you enjoyed it!

For the lighting in the future we may have a better computer, and I'm going to look up some ways to get good lighting even with night scenes. In the morning we really have to be careful because the sun leaves nasty glares.

The next movie was shot in the sun, but just hasn't been put together yet. Not that I know of at least.

The high quality version is over 80 MB, so you can imagine the terrible things we have to do to these files to get them to uploading size.

Thanks for the review. It's greatly appreciated.

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Not the worst Tetris variant I've seen.

...but not the best, either.

Graphics: 6/10. Reasonable graphics and animation. Nothing stellar (except perhaps for the background, har har, get it, there are stars), but I know what everything is and the 3D effect is alright.

I dearly wish that you had included an option to toggle quality, however. There's a brief chance to right-click and toggle it during the preloader, but once the game starts, you're stuck with it.

Sound: 0/10. No sound? Really?

Playability: 8/10. Controls are fluid enough and the rules are sensible, and that's all that's really required for a game this relatively simple. Pausing when one clicks outside the flash window is a nifty thing.

Overall presentation: 3/10. The gameplay itself is solid and the graphics are alright, but the lack of sound, in-game quality control functions, and absurdly long into more than cancel out its strong points.

Ways to improve: Firstly, SOUND. Sound effects and background music are both necessary for a quality flash. Secondly, as I said, the ability to control quality level is a must---either don't disable it in the right-click menu or have a button, in-game or on the keyboard, that toggles it. Lastly, the intro is very long (another reason why quality control is important---it might speed it up a bit)---the whole 'light up the title' sequence takes so long that waiting through it for the game is...well...not worth the wait. Tidy up these flaws and you'll have a MUCH more solid game.

ConteZerodotcom responds:

Hi SlashFirestorm,
thanks for your feedback.
You can skip the intro pressing ESC, I'll add a text to inform the player as soon as possible.
Quality control is removed from menu because quality is already set to LOW and changing to different values (MEDIUM or HIGH) slow down framerate.
NO SOUND: the main problem is that sound in flash really kills performance.
In normal flash games this isn't a big problem, but my game is a 3D game and this push flash player to the limit.
If I add music/sound with actual flash player the game become unplayable, next flash player version should support 3D hardware acceleration so things could change but for now adding sound is not possible.


Graphics: 5/10. The artwork is very well done...however, the complete lack of animation unfortunately cancels that out.

Sound: 9/10. The soundtrack is of good quality and complements the subject matter well.

Overall Presentation: 3/10. Like I said, the drawings are excellent, but a simple slideshow of images really has no place in the Portal, particularly when Newgrounds has an Art Portal.


Least exciting quest ever. ;-)

But a very accurate summary of the events of that fateful day. It must be humiliating to be detained by something called the Mental Health Act, haha. Nice stuff you got here.

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Very nice.

Well-played, clear, and soothing. A very relaxing piece of music. Good job.

MarkySpark responds:

I'm really pleased people like it.

Screams magnificence!

I loved this. Extremely catchy, quick-paced, and smoothly connected...absolutely no flaws at all. I could see it going very well with a fast-paced boss battle, too.

Fifen'ed, favorited, downloaded. Good to see that you're still making audio here. :-D

Very calming.

I know that saying it 'sounds like ice' may seem strange, but honestly, that's the best description for it that I can give. Its calm echoing gives the sense of loneliness, but it's nowhere near desolation...more like someone is looking out on something beautiful, but somewhat forbidden to see from afar.

This piece is very relaxing, almost trance-y. Good stuff. Keep up the good work.

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Not my proudest fap.

I don't even know what this is! This sort of thing ain't my bag, baby!


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